an authorial record of a family experience


During the last five years, we have created photographic records of our family that later became the book "Portraits for Yayá", published in December, 2016. Our greatest concern with such records has always been to capture, with engagement and naturalness, what we are in our relationship with one another and ourselves. Throughout time, we've developed a style that combines documental records and old-school portraiture techniques with all the necessary interaction and commitment, a line of work that seeks to extrapolate the limits of the conventional family album, limits that often ignore the rich scope of family emotions and experiences.  


We're dedicating our 2017 to direct this very gaze toward other families who would like to share a few days of their lives with us, whether in the coziness of their home or during a trip to a feasible distance. The only requirement is the desire to put the daily hurries on pause and, in the tranquility of our lively  encounter, allow oneself to be carefree and at ease. Within this togetherness - our family together with yours -, our aim will be to portray the intimacy of your relationships, the subtlety of touches, looks, characteristic and unique body expressions that escape time but nonetheless deserve to be kept in memory.


How do such experiences work in practice?

The idea for this experience is based on co-living and co-creating, on exchanging experiences and opening for one another. From the moment we arrive at your house, we are ready to cook together, take a walk, come up with games for the children and talk, not necessarily about photography or motherhood/fatherhood; we are sure that we have an ocean of things in common. While we share this time together, one of us will grab the camera here and there, in a very natural, organic way, not interrupting life's flow, and will record what we are experiencing. In general, these co-living experiences will last from 2 to 4 days; for us, each one of them hold all the weight of a photography project.


My house is small, I worry about your accommodation. Wouldn't it be possible for only one of you to come over and perform the work?

For their sweetness, spontaneity, naive curiosity,  for their relentless pursuit of games or even for their vulnerability - which, as a consequence, inspires openness in us adults, - children will break any ice and quickly create an affectionate dialogue of acceptance. Their presence is therefore fundamental for this process. As for accommodation, there is nothing to worry about. We are largely flexible with it and very used to bed-sharing; we sleep happily just about anywhere and we travel in a camping car ;)


In case I'd like to book a co-creating experience to record my family vacation, how do we solve accommodation?

The ideal scenario is that we all stay at the same place, but we understand that not everyone will rent a house to spend their vacations. If there is a space to park, we may sleep in our camping car. If not, there is another solution for sure. We are open for dialogue and have an immense desire to practice our co-creation experiences. Just remember, the sooner you express this wish to us, the better, for we will have more time to organize. 


You've mentioned recording intimacy; does that mean you'll be breaking into our bathroom when we are taking a shower or our bedroom when we are waking up?

Intimacy is not defined by exposing nudity. Quite the contrary: it has a lot more to do with exposing the vulnerable and imperfect side of being human than with the act of taking off one's clothes. We will never, in any situation, prioritize image-taking over human relations. Besides, our hosts are the ones who will define limits. We never open a closed door.



What will be the finished products provided to us?

In a world where everything is ruled by quantity, we prioritize the quality of documentation, its affectionate deepness, and this is why numbers are not rigidly defined.

After receiving a digital showcase to quench curiosity, each family will acquire a printed book that is the completion of our co-experience. These books, inspired by photography publications, will count with an art direction based on the experience, its symbology and ambience. The book is the project's closure, its conclusion, a gift for the future. And for the ones who are interested in hanging some of the images on their walls, we develop projects for Fine Art prints on special papers and in various sizes.


Who chooses the photographs that will be featured in the book?

What makes our co-experience unique is the authorial nature of the project. All images will be selected by us. While assembling the material for the book, we weigh the strength of each picture and the harmony of the set. Picture(s) for printing will be chosen by you after our suggested composition. Pricing for the book and prints will vary according to each project and the individual investment. No only there are different size options, but also diferent kinds of paper, cover art and final layout.


In case you want to learn more about Organic Co-Creation, check our availability and prices; send us a message using our form below or write to us via email:

It will be a great pleasure to meet your family and live this co-experience with you!

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