Sávio Freire and Irmina Walczak - partners in life and in photography. Parents of two. Sávio is Brazilian, graduated in management. Irmina is Polish living in Brazil since 2007. She is an anthropologist and she partially works as a researcher.

In 2012 they founded a collective called Panoptes through which they realize personal and commercial projects. They use photography for documenting their family life, as a therapy and as a self knowledge processes.



2016 "Retratos pra Yayá"


Other publications:

2016 6 Mois, "Photo du lundi"

2016 Mozi Magazine, "Lifestyle"



2016 Lens Culture Portrait Awards: Single Image Finalist

2016 Feature Shoot Kids of Kathmandu Photo Contest

2015 Child Photo Competition Black and White: Honorable Mention


Courses and Workshops:

2015-2016 Welcome home - 8 editions, Brasília

2016 Linguagem autoral da fotografia de família, Aracaju

2016 Linguagem autoral nos retratos de família - 2 editions, Espaço F/508 de Fotografia, Brasília



2016 "Um outro olhar sobre a fotografia de família", Conferência Lampião, Campos dos Goytacazes

2016 "A beleza da simplicidade", Congresso Fotografar, São Paulo

2016 "Infância livre em fotografias", Cotidiano Criativo, Brasília

2015 Congresso Fotografar Talks, São Paulo

2015 Quintas no Quintal, Espaço F/508 de Fotografia, Brasília